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We have built or heavily contributed to sites for:

In addition to the sites above which we've built ourselves, we've also worked as part of a team with, or contributed to the development of sites or other projects with:

  • 2Day.com.
    Assisting with the implementation of a new website statistics package, as well as various other technical help around the office.
  • House of Travel.
    Creation of a Macromedia Flash advertising banner, and mockup of email newsletter. With Consortium.
  • Icehouse.
    University of Auckland Business School Business Incubator. Video editing, hosting and streaming. With Consortium.
  • ASB Bank.
    Contributed to website optimisation project. With the talented and friendly folks at InterACTION.
  • Heritage Hotels.
    Their original developer deserted them, so they called on us to provide skills in reverse engineering parts of their complex database driven website, providing updates where they would have otherwise been impossible without a complete rebuild.

Prior to forming Quirk Web Design, head guru Morgan worked on many high profile websites:

  • Ihug.
    Morgan was responsible for producing the Ihug family of websites for a period of around 5 years. At the time, Ihug.co.nz was one of the most popular sites in NZ.
  • Travel Online.
  • iDTV.
  • Hesketh Henry.
  • ChannelZ.
  • SuperGroove.
  • Snapshotz.
    One of the first digital stock photography sites available on the internet in New Zealand.
  • MoreFM.
    Live audio streaming. Did you know that MoreFM had the first internet audio stream available in New Zealand? It was provided through ihug using the then state of the art Xing encoder. It sounded like mud by comparison with what we used later on, first moving to RealAudio, and most recently to a streaming MP3 format.
  • bFM.
    Live audio streaming.
  • ChannelZ.
    Design of the first website for this now distantly remembered radio station.
  • @Luna.
    Live audio streaming from various New Zealand Music events around Auckland city. I'm quite confident this was another New Zealand first, way back in the dark ages of 1997.

We have provided hosting, but not design or technical services, for:

And finally, we have provided non-internet related technical assistance to:

  • Te Whai Rawa, Ltd. We converted a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to tape so they could run it from a standard video player.