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Talk to us about what else you need, chances are we can arrange it for you.


See here for webhosting prices.

Basic web design
From $90 per hour.

Programming (PHP/Javascript/MySQL)
Costs vary dependant on what is required.

Website maintenance
$90 per hour (excluding programming).

Larger website projects
Will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Starts from $90 per hour.

All prices are GST exclusive, and are in NZ dollars. Prices in other currencies can be given on application.

Please contact us for more pricing information, or a cost estimate. Quirk can supply accurate estimates of time and cost.

Here at Quirk we offer a range of services to assist you in getting your business website running, and to keep it running.

We'll try to be upfront about price during the whole process, so you know what you're going to be paying.

Best of all, we promise to talk English, making the process easy to understand, and focussing on what's best for your business.

Web Hosting.
We have web hosting packages from $25 +GST per month, including free domain hosting. See here for pricing and details.

Quirk can help you make decisions, to build a website with real, tangible benefits to your business, by helping you plan for your launch onto the internet, and giving expert advice on all aspects of developing your company website.

We'll help you decide how a website can help your business, how it can reach your customers, and what you need. Quirk have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the internet industry.

Interface Design.
Quirk will work with you to decide the 'look and feel' of your website, and then design it.

Website Development.
Interface design.
HTML. (Manual coding and Dreamweaver.)
CSS. (Cascading Style Sheets.)
Static Web graphics. (All standard formats.)
Animated Web graphics. (Banner ads etc.)
Streaming Audio & Video.
Mailing list management.

Search Engines.
We can optimise your website to give it the best chance of being picked up by search engines, as well as hand submitting to the large global search engines, and the popular local ones.

Web Site Maintenance.
Your website doesn't stop when it has been built. To keep your customers coming back you need to ensure it is updated regularly. This may mean pricing updates, news, regular articles etc. Monthly website statistics need to be analysed, giving you invaluable information on who is visiting your website. Quirk can do your ongoing maintenance for you, or give you training sessions to update simple information yourself.

What else do you want?
Talk to us about what else you need, chances are we can arrange it for you.