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Google might be the most popular search engine on the internet, but some people still prefer other ones, ignore them at your peril.

Search engine tips.

Quirk are fast gaining a reputation for getting good search engine placements. Go to http://www.Yahoo.com and search for "web design auckland". Now try the same search at http://www.SearchNZ.co.nz. Try "recipes" at www.SearchNZ.co.nz, and you'll probably find our client "Foodlovers" there at number one. Impressed? You should be. But read on to learn how you can have similar success...

Building a website is not enough for a business - you need to get people to visit you online too. Getting a good placement on the important search engines is critical to the success of your business website. The important thing to remember is that spammer tricks, designed to cheat your way in may get your domain banned for life from the search engines if it is discovered. The good news is, it is possible to get a top ten (or even number one) placement, by playing fair.

Some of the tips below can help to get the best placing possible:

  • Use meta tags to place 10-20 keywords in your page. Use keywords which people will type into search engines, and don't repeat keywords.
  • Use a good meta description, with lots of keywords. "Number one website!" will not get good search engine placement, but "Claire's Jazz CD store, music from NZ and around the globe" pleases both humans and search engines.
  • Make good use of the title on each page, eg. "Quirk Web Design and Consultation, Auckland, NZ" is much better than "Quirk."
  • Make sure all written content is keyword rich, and appealing to humans! Hire a professional if needed to make sure your web site packs a punch to visitors AND search engines. Some search engines take keywords or descriptions from the first few lines of text on your page - maximise these.
  • Don't use tiny text, invisible text, or any other 'spamming' tricks. You don't need to do this for a good listing, and you risk being banned from some search engines.
  • Ask for links from websites with similar topics to yours. At least one of the major search engines ranks you according to your 'link popularity'. Getting linked on other popular sites can boost your placement.

Quirk have gained top ten listings for their own site, and for client websites, by using simple, common sense strategies, and by building websites which appeal to human search engine editors, as well as search engines.

Contact us on Webdesign@Quirk.co.nz if you'd like better search engine placement.