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"I couldn't be happier with the work done on my website Foodlovers. It is refreshing to find someone who not only has the computer skills but also the creative side and the ability to understand what the client's wants and needs are. Deadlines are easily met and having someone competent taking care of things is reassuring."

- Helen Jackson, www.foodlovers.co.nz

Articles and Information from Quirk

Email tone of voice
Your written tone of voice in your business emails gives a lot of information about who you are, and people will make judgements on you, like it or not, on how you come across in email. Read More.

Search engine tips
Building a website is not enough for a business - you need to get people to visit you online too. Getting a good placement on the important search engines is critical to the success of your business website. Read More.

Email newsletters
Every business website that wants to reach customers should have an email newsletter. It doesn't matter whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly. The fact is, having a newsletter which visitors can sign up to on your website means you suddenly have a list of targeted prospects, just ready and waiting for you to get in touch each month. Read More.

Checking out your competition online
When was the last time you checked out your competition online? What sort of information are they giving consumers, and how are they using their website to maximise convenience and communication opportunities? Read More.

Does your website make life easier?
Is your business providing information that consumers are looking for, and are you making life more convenient for your customers? Read More.

Winner of the Radio Pacific/Computerchat competition
Lianne Burgess was the lucky winner of a custom built website by Quirk, through our competition with Radio Pacific's Computerchat show. Thanks to all the people who entered, and to Computerchat.

Getting a Domain Name for your NZ Business Website
Getting your business online can be a confusing journey with all the technical jargon you are likely to hear. Domain names are becoming more and more popular with NZ home businesses who want to give a professional image. In this article we look at the ins and outs of choosing a domain name. Read More.

Website developed by Quirk gets global recognition
Foodlovers.co.nz, a 'foodie' website developed by Quirk Web Design for Auckland based foodie Helen Jackson, was launched with delicious success this month. The site gained international recognition when it was handpicked from 1300 new international sites for the Yahoo New site of the Day listings... Read More.

What makes a good business website?
We know that it's often difficult for small businesses, looking for a web design company, to really know what the features of a good website are. What is the difference between this site and that site? Isn't it just a bunch of words and pictures thrown together?... Read More.

Why build a website for your business?
The answer to this question is really "what do you want it to do?" There are many advantages to putting your business online. Having a business website may be as simple as letting people know your phone number and opening hours, or as complex as a searchable database of your products... Read More.