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How do I get a domain name?
You can register a .NZ domain name yourself online using any one of a number of providers, or Quirk can do this for you.

Getting a domain name for your NZ business web site

Why build a website for your business?

The answer to this question is really "what do you want it to do?"

There are many advantages to putting your business online.

Having a business website may be as simple as letting people know your phone number and opening hours, or as complex as a searchable database of your products.

Think of the benefits:

  • Reduced communication, customer service, and marketing costs.
  • Increased sales.
  • Keep up with your competition - they are probably already online.
  • Offer instant information, and fast communication to your customers.
  • Create customer relationships with newsletters.
  • Increased brand awareness.

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Getting your business online can be a confusing journey with all the technical jargon you are likely to hear. Domain names are becoming more and more popular with NZ home businesses who want to promote themselves with a more professional image.

In this article we look at the ins and outs of choosing a domain name.

What is a domain name?
A domain name is your unique identifier on the internet, and allows you to have a website address of your choice. - e.g. www.mycompany.co.nz. You can choose your domain name but it must be unique on the Internet.

Domain names also allow you to have email addresses that use your company name instead of the name of your service provider eg. bob@mycompany.co.nz or sales@mycompany.co.nz instead of mycompany@xtra.co.nz.

Why get a domain name?
If you have space with your ISP to host your website, then you'll normally be given their default web address eg. www.isp.co.nz/~yourusername, or worse, if you're using a free hosting service your website address will have their name in it. Not a good look for a business trying to portray a business-like image.

It is seen to be more professional for business websites to have their own domain name. It also makes your site easier to remember, and easier to find for your customers. It's like the difference between having a business card, and writing your number on a scrap of paper for potential customers. Having a domain name gives the impression that you are serious, professional, and more trustworthy.

What's the difference between a .com and a .NZ domain?
A .com domain name was originally for commercial entities, however, over time these have come to be recognised as mainly US sites. A .com domain can be useful if you are trying to market to global customers.

A .NZ domain name is for New Zealand based companies/organisations. It is advised that you choose a .NZ domain if you have a business that you definitely want identified as being a New Zealand business.

How does it work?
You pay yearly fees to 'own' your domain name. - Note that you only own the domain as long as you keep paying the yearly fees. However as long as you are paying, nobody else can take your domain name.

Think of it as renting a car. Once you've paid to rent your car, you'll also need to pay for somewhere to park it.

Most ISP's and web hosting companies charge a small monthly fee to virtually host your domain. This means you get to use the www.mycompany.co.nz for your website, and normally they'll allow you a certain number of email addresses on your domain as well.

Quirk's hosting packages include FREE virtual hosting for your first domain, with 5, 10 or 50 email addresses, depending on which package you choose.

How much does a domain name cost?
For a .NZ domain name, there are two parts to the cost:

Yearly fees:
The yearly fee for your domain name depends on which registrar you use, New Zealand has a competitive regulated marketplace for domain names. You can expect to pay anywhere from about $30 - $50, depending on the level of service you desire.

Domain Hosting:
Usually a small monthly fee charged by your ISP or hosting company for hosting your domain name. There is no extra charge for hosting your domain with Quirk. Hosting for one domain is included free with every one of our hosting packages.

(Note: .com domains are registered through registrars in the USA, and tend to be a little cheaper than .NZ domains.)

How do I get a domain name?
You can register a .NZ domain name yourself online using any one of a number of providers, or Quirk can do this for you.

Am I guaranteed to get my company name or trademark?
In a word - no. Domain names are registered on a first come, first served basis.

What domain name should I choose?
A good business domain name can either make use of your company name, or perhaps your trade. Eg. clairesphotos.co.nz, or photographer.co.nz

A good domain name is one which is easy for your visitors to remember, and difficult to misspell. Imagine yourself trying to spell out your domain name over the phone to a customer. Hyphens tend to be a bad idea unless you can't avoid it. Short domains are easier to remember than long ones.